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BAE Bursaries

Good news to everyone who applied for a bursary from BAe systems, you have all been successful... read more...

Added on Mon 1st Mar 2004 by Rob Richards

Feb 2004 Update

After a very successful Re-Fresher's Fayre, the club continues to thrive with a membership of... read more...

Added on Sun 1st Feb 2004 by Rachel Hine

New Year!

With the exams all over, it's time to do some more flying! So lets see you all in the Ark on... read more...

Added on Thu 1st Jan 2004 by Rachel Hine

Summer report...

Well we've had some great weather and some not so great weather, but things have been... read more...

Added on Mon 1st Sep 2003 by Ant Aucote

Welcome back after the Easter holidays!

The weather is getting better all the time, and this can only be good news for getting lots of... read more...

Added on Tue 1st Apr 2003 by Toby Wilson

Contact Information

Nottingham University Gliding Club
c/o Students' Union
Portland Building
University Park